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Best Massage at Upper West Side

A hard-working day or a long walking in Central Park is physically and mentally tiring. Let Peaceful Body Spa boost your circulation, loosen your tight muscles and knots and soothe your nerves. we offer you a comfortable facility and experienced massage therapist that’s dedicated to serving you with a complete range of therapeutic treatments. All services are done in a private room by yourself.  

We located on West 72nd Street, west side of Central Park. Our spa contains multiple private massage rooms for individual and couples. Whether you’re looking to get rid of knots with a deep tissue massage or to simply de-stress and recenter, or just want to release some tension from being on your feet all day. We are here to help you release your stress, increase your energy and creativity and feel better about yourself. We also offer facials and foot reflexology. we are grand opening now and the massage price is so reasonable in Upper West Side.


Please schedule an appointment and experience the difference!

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